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on November 10, 2020 Employee Benefits Employee Engagement

Employee Benefits Affect More Than Just The Employee

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An attractive benefits plan is an important part of a robust employee retention strategy. Benefit plans not only affect each employee but their spouses and children as well, making the network of people impacted by the benefits plan one of the largest networks of internal and external stakeholders that the company must manage.

That means companies need the right communication tools to distribute the benefits plan. This helps ensure that employees and their families are getting the most out of what their benefits have to offer. 

When the whole family is engaged, employees know that they are part of a community and they can make their best contribution knowing that their employer sees their family holistically.

Building Productivity and Loyalty

An employer that provides a comprehensive benefits package has the foresight to know that employees flourish best when all of their needs are met. However, there is more to it than just a worker who shows up to the office everyday. If an employee goes home at night to a sick or mentally ill spouse or child, it is certain they won’t be at their best the next morning.

Communication tools that engage the whole family are instrumental in ensuring that the employee’s support system stays intact and beneficial. Thus, investing in good family-oriented communication is an investment in a culture of work-life balance and productivity.

When employees feel that their workplace is investing in them, they are primed to commit to building the company’s brand and growing in their roles over time. This in turn builds the kind of long-term organizational drive and dedication that leads to the fulfillment of goals and success.

Family-friendly Communication Tools

Plan booklets are dense and need to be broken down so that employees and their families can find and understand the information that is relevant to them. Digital brochures are a common tool used to provide a simplified outline of the plan.

As we go more paperless and more remote, other family-friendly communication tools to consider include online infographics, or web-based questionnaires that help family members find the plan options that are tailored to their needs.

Customization and interactivity are important right now, especially for the younger generation. Channels that empower youth to independently explore what the plan can do for them help the whole family to feel like they are part of the workforce community, making the plan a powerful tool for building company loyalty. Communication apps that emphasize mobility and convenience are great options as well. 

When whole families are getting the most out of their benefits plan, the networks that support the organization’s success are strengthened. In order for these advantages to be fully realized, employees and their family members must have a good understanding of how their plan can support them at every age and milestone. Communication tools that are simple, interactive, and inviting to people of all ages can help companies optimize their benefits plan investment. 

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