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on September 10, 2019 Internal Communications

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Internal Company Newsletter

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Using an internal company newsletter can be one of the best communications tools available to a business. However, if a business is going to do something, then they should do it right. That is why any company looking at creating an employee newsletter, or looking to improve their current one, should read through this list on easy ways to improve your company newsletter.

Include Information That Is Fragmented and Scannable

The most accurate way of knowing whether or not a company newsletter is improving is the engagement metrics. If more employees are reading the company newsletter and engaging with more of the content, that is clear evidence that the newsletter is providing clear and consistent value. 

With that in mind, one of the best ways to keep employees’ eyes on your internal newsletter is to organize the information in a way that it is short and scannable. Since your employees are likely busy, they need something that enables them to absorb information quickly and efficiently. This is why companies should arrange the information with a variety of subheadings and lists, rather than a large wall of text. By doing this, employees can scan the newsletter and find the information they are looking for right away. 

Inject Humor Whenever Possible

Some may think that work is a serious place where laughter should not be heard. But there is no reason a workplace cannot be an adequate mix of both seriousness and fun. Even in dry industries, there are always opportunities to include a little bit of fun and humor into things like the internal company newsletter. 

By making the writing clever and humorous in some sections, the company can make its employees much more eager to receive and read the weekly or monthly newsletter. Even including things like funny pictures and memes can go a long way in making the newsletter more visually interesting for its readers. 

Include Pictures and Color

As previously mentioned, there is nothing less visually interesting than a giant wall of text. When readers are confronted with this, they will immediately click away from the newsletter. Instead, companies should include a couple of pictures in each of their internal company newsletters. This will give the reader something visually appealing to complement the information of the newsletter. 

It is also a great opportunity to include color into their newsletter. Black and white might be a classic option, but it is also less enticing. In fact, company newsletters that pop with color are much more likely to get the attention of its employees. 

In order to find out how a company can further improve their internal company newsletter, contact our team of professionals today. 

Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager

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