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on November 8, 2018 Human Resources Employee Benefits Employee Engagement

5 Tips to Help Your Employees Take Advantage of Fringe Benefits

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Many employers offer fringe benefits that make up as much as 30% of an employee’s compensation package. However, many employees are not using most of those benefits for a variety of reasons. There are many things you can do to help your employees take advantage of all the perks your company has to offer.

Communicate Clearly and Often

The top reason for employees not using their benefits and is that they don’t know what’s out there and how they can take advantage. Lack of awareness can be dealt with by reaching out to employees with a variety of channels, from emails to instant messages to in person discussions. When it comes to showing how the benefits can be use, take a more personal approach and be ready to answer specific questions from employees.

Go Digital

When thinking about how to communicate effectively with employees, don’t leave out digital resources. Creating digital content will work well for many employees who prefer using mobile devices for everything from communicating with friends to paying bills. Developing a mobile component to your benefits communication plan makes it easy for employees to jump in at any time and find the information they need to fully utilize their benefits.

Allow for Customized Plans

While many benefits will work for the vast majority of employees, there will always be some things individuals will not need or use. By letting each employee customize their own benefits package, you will help them see how each benefit can work for them and give them the option of whether they want it or not.

Focus on Financial Security

For most employees, the purpose of their job is to make money to support themselves or their families and create a secure financial future. When you are simplifying the descriptions of particular benefits, focus on what your employees care about. Share information about how a 401K plan can create a strong financial future. When going over health benefits, mention that an HSA account can prevent huge out of pocket expenses. Find out what matters to your employees and work with it.

Make it as Easy as Possible

No one wants to put extra time, energy, and money into getting the benefits they were promised. If there is a long process, many steps to take, and money to be spent, there is a good chance many people will put it off or never sign up at all. If you want to ensure that employees take advantage of their benefits, you need to make it as easy as possible to get signed up. Start by keeping costs low and processes simple. Make it easy to sign up online and offer step by step guides to make the process clear.

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager