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on November 29, 2018 Internal Communications Messaging Tools

4 Employee Communication Campaigns to Run This Year

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Ensuring you have good communication with your employees is an ongoing battle, but it’s a battle that must be done!

Without proper communication, the workplace begins to break down and operate at a far less productive level. That’s why we provided you with these four communication campaigns that you can apply to your company this new year.

A Look Ahead Survey

Much like people, a company continually grows and evolves. When there are good changes, it translates to higher productivity and employee satisfaction; however, when there are bad changes it could mean a devastating blow to your workplace environment. By asking your employees at the beginning of the year what changes they would like to see implemented, you are able to get an idea of which company changes would be welcomed and which would not. By performing a company-wide survey, you can learn the things your employees are looking for in the rest of the year.

Escape From Bad Communication

Before your employees begin going off on their summer vacations, it would be a great idea to host some kind of team-building event. These sorts of events are a great way for employees to bond with one another in a fun environment. One of the best trending forms of team-building is to participate in an escape room. These rooms require participation from all people involved and effective communication throughout the exercise. By coordinating an escape room event day with your employees, you force them to work on their communications skills while having a few laughs as well.

Grassroots Meetings

During the summer months would be an excellent time to host several smaller grassroots meetings. By taking only three or four employees into a meeting room at once, you create a more comfortable and easygoing environment where they might talk about any issues or concerns in the workplace. Often times in larger meetings, some employees don’t feel comfortable bringing up certain topics with many other people present. These small grassroots meetings are a perfect way to check in with your employees halfway through the year.

Customized Reviews

Employee performance reviews are never really a fun time for anyone involved, but they are a necessary part of successful corporate communication. Through individual reviews, the employees learn how their performance is perceived and how they can improve. A way to make these meetings more enjoyable for everyone is to allow your employees the chance to choose some aspects of the review. One option is to take the employee to lunch and allow them to choose the restaurant. This doesn’t take much preparation and if by allowing the employee the chance to choose an aspect of the review, it makes them feel like they are heard.

There are many more methods of ensuring that your workplace has a welcoming environment in terms of communication. Contact us now to learn how you can use these and other unique techniques.

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Sydnie Fultz

Creative Content Manager