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on December 6, 2018 Employee Benefits Employee Engagement

How to Get Employees Engaged in Wellness

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The health and welfare of your employees not only benefits your company from a moral standpoint but also financially according to recent research.

By simply increasing the effectiveness of your health and productivity programs, it can provide your company with a benefit of $1,600 a year in reduced healthcare costs per employee. On top of that, it can lower the number of missed work days due to health issues. Find out how your company can minimize health issues and maximize benefits by employing these effective methods.

Encourage Exercise

This can come in many forms, and while some of them may only be viable for larger companies, others are available to a company of any size. An easier method of getting your employees to become more fit is to reward those who take the initiative an opportunity to utilize perks like standing desks. However, if you wanted to take your efforts to the next level then you could even provide them with fitness options within the workplace. This might be as intricate as installing a small workout facility in the office or a more laid back method like hosting a weekly yoga session for a half an hour during the middle of a workday.

Use a Strategic Rewards System

A common method of rewarding employees is with money, but if you’re interested in creating and maintaining healthy employees then there are better reward systems at your disposal. An effective option is giving employees gift cards or discounts to a certain gym or health food stores and restaurants. With money, the employees have the option to spend it on whatever they want which could very well be unhealthy items or activities, but this reward system eliminates that possibility while encouraging them to engage in healthy activities.

Provide Healthy Food

Too many people resort to eating unhealthy lunches that are cheap or convenient at work or opt not to eat lunch at all. With just a few small changes, your company can turn this around and make your employees regular consumers of more healthy lunches. One method of doing this is by providing adequate refrigeration and heating options so that employees can bring healthy lunches from home. Another option is to organize an event where once or twice a week your company orders in food to the office from a healthy restaurant. This second option accommodates those who just don’t have the time to make healthy lunches, which is 50 percent of all people according to recent research.

Offer Stress Days

While many companies think that offering a few sick days a year is enough for employees, in today’s world of increased anxiety and stress, it often isn’t. By offering two or three stress days off work a year, it allows employees a chance to take a much needed break from the damage stress can cause. If an employee is forced to come to work on a day when they feel an insurmountable amount of stress, then it’s likely their productivity that day will be very low. It’s better to just give them a day to recover so that they’re ready to come back to work the next day and perform at their usual level. 

Improper communication in the workplace is often a major cause of stress and other health concerns. Fight back against this by contacting us and finding out how we can help you communicate better and be the healthiest company you can be.

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