Add Interactive and Engaging Content to Your App

It’s easy to publish announcements, policies, leadership memos and other information that your employees need to know about. Take your content a step further by incorporating some of these ideas!

Turn On Comments for Interactive Topics

backstitch Reader has a feature that allows employees to comment on individual Posts. This feature can easily be turned on for individual Topics. Turning on comments allows all employees associated with that Topic to comment on any of the Posts.

Topics that include more interactive content are great areas of the App to turn comments on! Topics can include happenings within the company, new hires, birthdays and anniversaries, events, wellness, and more. Comments are an easy way to open up engagement from your employees, let them interact with your content and each other. 

Once you turn on comments, create a Post that encourages them to add interaction! The Post can be as simple as adding a small graphic or line at the end of a regular announcement. 

💡 Ideas

  • Create a Post about new hires and encourage employees to comment on them, so the new employees feel more welcomed.
  • Start a conversation like getting recommendations in the area, ask a question about their wellness routine, and more!
  • Have your Team react to some of your Posts, so employees see coworkers engaging and feel more comfortable doing the same. 

Learn more about how to set up comments here.

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Add Polls and Feedback Trackers

Add polls and feedback trackers into your Posts using backstitch Studio! Polls and Feedback Trackers can be a very simple addition to your regularly scheduled Posts. The added availability for interaction adds a new engagement method that strongly encourages your employees to reply and respond. Gain insight on what your employees are thinking while also gauging the amount of people who have been reading your Posts. Remember that not every Poll or Feedback Tracker has to be part of a larger survey. The polls can be more simple and used as a quick, one click poll. Feedback Trackers can be inserted as a useful checkpoint, asking if employees found the content helpful. 

Learn more about how to add Polls and Feedback Trackers

💡 Ideas 

  • Planning a social event? Get their input!
  • Want to spark a fun conversion? Ask them a fun wellness question like what they had for breakfast, or what was a fun outdoor activity they did recently. 
  • Want feedback about the App or a specific procedure? Gain new insights by asking!

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Hide Perks Your Company Offers Throughout the App 

If your company offers some fun perks and discounts employees qualify for by working at your company, hide them throughout the app! This addition makes it a fun game for employees to try to find more perks and discounts. It helps both the company and the employees because employees will learn how to use the app and get more utilization of the perks you offer. Hiding perks and discounts makes it fun for tenured employees and brand new employees just learning about the company. 

💡 Ideas 

  • Make some fun graphics using Canva and design each image with a similar look so the perks are easily identifiable.
  • Hide the perks and discounts in random Topics, not only in a Topic for perks and discounts.
  • Create a Post explaining that you have hidden perks and discounts throughout the app, promote it at the top of your home page so it stays visible.
  • Send out notifications every once in a while reminding them of the perks and discounts and drop some hints of where they might be. 

2022-03-23 14.25.43

Get ideas on how to use Canva!

Have Employees Make their Own Posts 

If there’s a topic your employees seem to be passionate about, let them create their own Posts about it! Publishing Posts does not require access to Studio and anyone can participate. Open up the option by using the vanity email feature. 

Get inspired with the vanity email feature here