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How do I export to HTML?

Looking to send your studio content through your own email client? Well, you're in luck! With the exporting to HTML feature, you can now download the HTML template in import it right to your email.

First, head to your [Review] screen. On the left sidebar under [Recipients] select the button [Add Contacts]. Once your are presented with the Add Contacts pop-up, scroll down on the left sidebar, and click the [HTML] icon. There will be a gray switch in the middle of your screen, under the text "Generate a downloadable HTML template of this post." Click on the switch, select [Close] and choose the purple [Send] icon to send your post.

Finally, there will be a pop-up at the bottom of your screen, once you send the post, that says "Your HTML template is ready!" Select the [Download] button next to the text and it will be on its way!


Pro Tip: You can always go back to download the template if needed.

All you do is go to the Review screen of the Post you sent. Select the date you sent to your HTML, which will be to the right of [Draft] at the bottom of the orange banner. On the left sidebar, click on "Send to HTML" and you will have the option to [Download] in the middle of your screen.