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How do I send my HTML file via Outlook?

After you exported your post to an HTML file, it's time to send out the post from your Outlook account!

Please note: You are only able to upload an HTML file from your Microsoft Outlook app, and not the web version.

Follow these steps to upload your HTML file as an email.

1. Open up a [New Message] window.

Screenshot (2)

2. At the top of your screen, select the more options icon. Then select [Attach a file] so this icon shows up at the top.

Note: This step is very important, otherwise you won't be able to upload the HTML file correctly.

Screenshot (4)

3. Select the [Attach] icon.

Screenshot (5)

4. Click on your HTML file. DO NOT CLICK INSERT.

After you click on your HTML file, Select the down arrow next to the insert button. Then, click [Insert as Text]

Screenshot (7)

5. Your post will appear, and you are done!

After this step, you are able to send this email out to your Team Members!

Pro Tip: Outlook sometimes automatically underlines almost all of the text. To get rid of that, select all the text, and hit the [underline] button twice.

Screenshot (8) (1)