How do I Prepare a Contact List to Upload?

Clean up your spreadsheet to successfully upload a contact list into backstitch Studio.

How do I Prepare a Contact List to Upload?
  • Within your spreadsheet, make sure all headers are clear and correct
  • If you want the first and last name to show up, put them in the same column, not separate.
    • To do this, add a new column by right clicking and selecting [Insert]
    • Rename your new column
    • Within the cell, type  = first name cell &" "& second name cell (For example, =C2&" "&D2  Also, include a space between the quotes to separate names.)
    • Then click [Enter]. The combined first and last name should now appear in the new column you created.
    • Use the small white "Plus" on the bottom of the cell to paste this formula to the rest of the cells in the column.
  • Remove all hyperlinks by selecting the cells with hyperlinks then right clicking and selecting [Remove Hyperlinks]
  • Save the spreadsheet and use it to create a Contact Group in backstitch Studio.
  • Read this article for how to successfully create Contact Groups backstitch Studio.