Sending Push Notifications

Send a customized Push Notification to recipients when they receive your Post

Step #1: Add Contacts

1. After creating a Post in Studio, prepare to Publish it by clicking the [Check Icon]

2. Click [Add Contacts] to choose who will receive your Post. A pop-up box will appear.

3. Search for individual Members, Teams or Sources by typing in the Search Bar. See the difference between these three options here

4. The default screen will be on Members. Here, you can select Members to receive your Post. 

  • Note: The [Notification] Symbol by Members' names indicates that they have Opted-In to receive Notifications for your Post. 
  • Read this article to see detailed steps on How to Publish to a Member

5. Navigate to the Drop Down Menu to Publish your post to a Source

6. Navigate to the Drop Down Menu to Publish your post to an entire Team


Step #2: Edit Push Notification Details

1. After selecting all desired Recipients, click the [Send Button]

  • Another Pop-Up Box will appear

2. Within the Pop-Up Box, edit your Post Title, Main Image, Frequency, and more. Click [Publish] when finished.


Step #3: Create an attention-grabbing Push Notification Text

1. Edit the Push Notification Text that the recipients will see with your Post

2. Click [Publish] to Publish your Post to your recipients' devices

3. Recipients will now receive a Notification in their App under "My Notifications"