Pubishing Posts Via Text Message/SMS

Interested in publishing a Post to a text message? Follow our easy step-by-step instructions to display the link in a text message.

Step #1: Prepare Your Contact Group

  1. Add your contacts via the Contact Manager
  2. Select [Text Message] 

    Studio sms 0
  3. Click the [Plus] Icon to add more contacts

    Studio sms 1

  4. To add a group, move your mouse upward to the [Create Group] Icon. Then name the group and [Create].

    studio sms 2
    studio sms 3
  5. You can add your contacts individually or upload a spreadsheet with multiple contacts.
    1. To create individual contacts, merely Click the [Plus] Icon and individually Add names and phone numbers. Select the group it will be placed under. 

      studio sms 4
    2. To upload a spreadsheet, move up to [Upload Contacts] and Add your file. You must designate whether it has headers and, if so, Select the appropriate column headers. 

      studio sms 5
      studio sms 6

Step #2: Create a Post

  1. When creating a Post to be sent via Text Message/SMS, you are able to design it like any other one. You have the full list of features that Studio provides. 
  2. Need help creating a Post? Read this in-depth article: How Do I Create a Post?


Step #3: Publishing the Post to Text Messages

  1. On the Review Screen, Click the [Publish To] button and Select [Text Message]. Choose the contacts you would like to send to.

    studio sms 7
    1. You may also change the [Contact Group] or add other channels like Email or Slack. 

      studio sms 8
  2. When ready to publish, Click the [purple arrow] Icon.

    studio sms 9
  3. Select [Text Message] to modify the text-specific options which include adding an image and a message with your text message (enter in the text box). When ready, Select [Publish].

    studio sms 10

Pro Tip: backstitch recommends sending messages that are no more than 300 characters to ensure the best deliverability and user experience.


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