January Monthly Post

Encourage your employees to create resolutions with wellness in mind!

Start the new year by motivating your employees to have wellness goals. It can be hard to keep up with our resolutions and employees could use company support. Help give them ideas with "Tips for your New Year's Resolutions".

January Monthly Post 2

💡 Ideas to use "Tips for your New Year's Resolutions"

  • Send out a push notification, email, and Publish this Post on the home page and in the wellness section of your app. 

  • Create a Vanity email and a Topic where employees can send their New Year's Resolution.

  • Add the email they can send their resolutions to within the Post. 
  • Encourage team members to interact with each other's Posts!
  • Send out encouraging messages to keep them motivated.

  • Take note of the employees' resolutions and find ways to adjust the company culture to support their goals!

Learn more about vanity emails here.

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