Enhance your Corporate Culture

Enhance you corporate culture by incorporating more empathy and compassion into your communications and policies! Do this easily by utilizing the backstitch platform.

Send out more communications about mental health 

As an employer, it’s critical to understand how anxiety or depression can affect employees’ productivity. You may not be able to fix all your employees’ problems but you can provide more resources and communications about handling stress or anxiety. Encouraging your company to be more compassionate as a whole can go a long way. 

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Helpful Hint: Easily send out communications as Push Notifications when you Publish to the mobile app.

Encourage them to take vacation 

There are many health benefits to taking vacations. As an employer, it may seem counterproductive to encourage taking vacations, but it’s been proven that taking breaks can increase overall productivity, happiness and health. It not only benefits your employees but also benefits your company as well. Many studies have shown that people who take vacations are even more productive after they come back from vacation. 

Invest in a mental health day 

It might be time to think about investing in a company-paid mental health day. Offering employees a day to multiple days off because of mental health can show your employees that you truly care about their health. Add a day on top of your current vacation policy for employees to take any time they need to throughout the year. 

Provide time off for volunteering 

Offering volunteer time off is becoming increasingly popular with companies. There are many ways you can go about offering this option, so it just depends on what matters most to your company. You can offer a few days off for employees to volunteer for causes or activities they personally care about or you can organize structured team volunteer days. There are benefits to both, so it depends on how you would like to offer it. Volunteering is a great way to increase positivity and show more compassion from the company.

Make their day to day work as hassle-free as possible

Sometimes stress is unavoidable at work. Small differences can go a long way. Sit down with your managers and ask them what small productivity things affect their day. Maybe it’s a software program that works inconsistently or a computer that shuts down often.  The list could be anything. Find the things that are easy enough to fix. You might find that even the smallest things are adding up to your employee’s stress. Take the time to listen and help!

Helpful Hint: Use the Feedback Tracker or Poll Builder in Studio to gather employee feedback!

Encourage employees to bond with one another

As we all know, social events are very important to build connections between your teams. Not everyone has to be best friends, but it helps when employees feel like they have people they can talk to. It makes work more fun when you even have one friend. Encourage your employees to make those connections. 

Remember that culture starts at the company level. The more you encourage a positive and empathetic culture, the more your employees will take that to heart. Try to do as many things as you can to keep up a positive culture. November is a wonderful time to start communicating these types of things more!

🌟 Strategies 

backstitch Studio makes it that much easier to send communications similar to this using backstitch Studio. There are many different ways to publish through Studio like sending out emails, publish push notifications, creating a PDF document, sending out Slack messages, etc! Learn more here. 

  • Send out monthly mental health content. Make it a consistent thing to focus on a different mental health topic each month.
  • Create a Topic centered around mental wellness. Send out the monthly communications through email and Publish it to the new Topic so people can easily go look at older content!
  • Curate external content. The backstitch Reader App provides opportunities to bring in external content. You can bring in sources from significant health-related websites, blogs from your favorite resources, etc.
  • Create a social events Topic. Does you company offer different events throughout the year for employees to attend? Create a Topic and use push notifications to let people know about the upcoming social events!