Benefits Communication Strategies for 2023

Make your benefits packages stand out by using the right communication channels!

Benefits packages are reportedly one of the most important aspects to employees about their current workplace. However, many lack information regarding what all is entailed in their packages. To aid in employees getting the most out of their benefits packages, HR departments need to employ effective communication strategies.

Valuable communication can ensure that outstanding employees are not only attracted, but retained. To do that, you need to be able to show them how working for your organization benefits them.

“The result of bad communication is a disconnection between strategy and execution” —Chuck Martin, former vice president, IBM 

Strategy is a Roadmap

Benefits communication strategies are not cut and dry. They are full of many different elements that should all coincide with one another that leads you to your one goal; providing value to your employees.

Communicate with a Purpose

Provide relevant information at relevant times. Do not send out materials to employees with the mantra of “just because”. This causes the HR department to have a disconnect with their employees, further hindering success.

Tip: Employee packages are not one-size-fits-all. Be sure to be inclusive and take the time to provide information about various offerings. 

Use Multiple Channels

Benefits communication strategy should reach far past the initial onboarding overview. Employees should be communicated with often, deliberately, and across multiple channels. For instance, some information may be better suited for a quick reminder email. While other information may be better conveyed during a company-wide meeting. HR departments should get creative to capture the attention of employees to get them to take action to either engage in or ask questions about the programs that would best work for them.

Consider utilizing newsletters, presentations, verbal meetings, graphs or charts, and Q&A sessions.

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Keep Track of Data to Inform Future Decisions

Your department should have a method of monitoring engagement on your benefit plans in order to gauge success. Utilize this data to ensure benefit programs align with the needs of your employees. Some ways you can track engagement is through surveys, portals, or analytics software. Using the information gathered allows your team to assess any weak spots in your strategy. Then, you can make a plan on how to correct this issue going forward and enact a way to keep your employees better informed.

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Keep it Simple

Typical benefits language may be difficult for a typical employee to understand. If an employee has trouble sifting through the jargon, they may completely disregard the attempt at communication altogether. Instead, keep communication simple and to the point using easy-to-understand language. Make language approachable and digestible. Providing definitions of commonly used terms may also prove to be valuable.

Remain Thoughtful

The modern employee landscape is changing and benefits packages need to be adaptable to these changes. Companies that engage in thoughtful and purposeful communication surrounding their benefit programs are putting their employees at the forefront. By providing today’s workforce with proper communication on the benefits they deserve, your company can retain top talent and stand out from the competition.