backstitch Knowledge Base

What is the Post Editor?

The Post Editor can be one of the best resources to enhance your overall communication strategy.

From the Post Manager screen, select the teal [Plus] icon to create a new Post, or select [Edit]. This takes you to the Post Editor, where you can create, edit, add and delete content.

There are three sections on the left sidebar that include [Clips], [Assets] and [Tools].

Clips: Includes any curated content from external or internal sources. These can include any Posts from Topics within backstitch Reader or a New Clip from an external source.

Assets: This section includes Templates, which are pre-designed outlines, that are used as a basis for creating content. Assets also include stock images, gifs, and current internal content your company is already using, like Google Drive.

Tools: Tools are backstitch provided add ons that include a Button Creator, Poll Builder, Post Summary, Translator, Feedback Tracker and Social Sharing buttons.