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How do I configure to Gmail?

Now that you’ve written a Post in backstitch Studio, it’s time to share it with your audience.

There are several channels in which you can use Studio to share your content. Sending your message via Gmail is a great option for many organizations who use this email provider and are looking for an easy way to send bulk emails.

Rather than using your native email platform directly, configuring Gmail with backstitch Studio comes with some added perks. The backstitch technology allows your organization to view analytics — such as who viewed your message and how it was viewed.

*Syncing your email provider with backstitch Studio will allow your organization to view employee engagement analytics that are not available via your native email provider.

1. Click on a post to [Review], then select [Add Contacts]. You will see several options on the left sidebar. To share your content via Gmail, click on the [Gmail] icon on the left sidebar.


2. Select [Authorize] to login to your Gmail account. Then, select which email account you would like to send your email from. Once you are logged in, you will see a message that will let you know that the service has been configured.


3. Now you are ready to send your backstitch Studio message via Gmail.