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How do I set up Recurring Posts?

Set up recurring Posts/messages to be sent periodically.

Please note: Automation feature can be used in conjunction with Publish Recurring capability.

Within backstitch Studio, set up recurring Posts by clicking on the purple [Send] icon on the Review screen of your Post.

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 11.56.30 AM

The Publish Post dialogue box presents multiple options to choose from.


1. First, select Publish Recurring

Click the switch next to “Publish Recurring.” Then, complete the field to “Publish Post every ___ days.” This sets the amount of days in between every publish date.

If you have an automation set up, the automation runs every x amount of days.

Please note:  When scheduling a recurring Post for every x amount of days, backstitch looks at all the conditions met since the x amount of days, including today.

2. Then, select Publish Now or Publish Later

Choose [Publish Now] to immediately publish the Post. Moving forward, the Post sends at the same time you published the original Post (every x amount of days set above).

3. Choose [Publish Later] to publish the Post later.

After that date and time is set, the recurring Post will publish at the same time (every x amount of days set above).


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