How do I promote a Post/article?

Wonder how to keep specific content at the top of your Topic? Follow the steps below!

Publishing content (e.g. a Post/article) to show and remain at the top of your Topic is called "promoting".  This is accomplished by publishing this particular content into a Source which resides within a Topic and enabling all content in this Source to be promoted.

Thus, promoting a Source means that any content you send to that Source, appears at the top of the Topic the Source is in. If you would like to promote specific content, you begin by creating a Source titled "[Topic name] Promoted". Then send content to that Source.

To enable the Source to show promoted content, navigate to the dashboard view, click on the [Internal Sources] button on the left sidebar.

Then, click on the [Edit] button next to the Source.

At the bottom of the popup, it will say "Promote at the top for ___ days." Fill in the amount of days you would like to promote the Source for.

Keep in mind, when you send content to that Source, it shows up in chronological order (most recent at the top).

Post Tip: Review the following article which shows how to include the 'promoted' Source within another Topic  How do I add a Source to a Topic?


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