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How do I delete a Post in backstitch Reader?

Delete a Post by going through your Admin Dashboard!

Anywhere within backstitch Reader, click on the [Hamburger] menu. Then select the drop-down menu next to your name and choose [Your Company Name] or [Organizational Dashboard].

Once you are at the Admin Dashboard, go to [Internal Sources]. Remember this is ultimately where your content resides. Find and click on the Source your Post is located in (first section under "Sources"). Scroll down below "Sources" to find the "Posts" section. The list of Posts are associated to the Source you selected.

Identify the Post title you want to delete. Click on the delete option [X] to the right of the Post title, and your Post will be deleted.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are deleting the actual Post and not the Source. The Post shows date/time and Post title to the left of the delete [X] option. Selecting the option deletes the Post immediately (no confirmation dialog box).