How do I Insert a PDF into a Studio Post?

Add PDFs into your Studio Post for easy access to important documents

  1. From the Post editor, go to the left sidebar and click on [Tools].
  2. Then select [Rich Text]
  3. While clicked into the Rich Text Box, simply drag and drop your PDF (from your files or desktop)
  4. Wait for PDF to upload
  5. Publish Post!


How to Upload a PDF to a Studio Post


Pro Tip: Add multiple PDF links to create a PDF repository

  • To do so, follow steps 1-5 from above with other PDF’s to create a PDF repository Post

How to Create a PDF Repository


Pro Tip: Rename your PDFs

  • Click the paperclip icon next to the PDF link

  • In the”Text” area, type your title and click [Update]


How to Edit PDF Titles