How Can I Link Between Topics?

Would you like to add a link to another Topic? Easily do this with the Info Card or Directory Card feature.

If you would like to place a link into an Info or Directory Card, use the following format for the links to work properly on the Mobile app.  Although links on the Web app work fine without the following step, it's best to arrange it for mobile as well.


Step #1:  Create an API token for the Topic you would like to link to.

  1. Go to the Topic (destination Topic)
  2. Select [Edit]
  3. Scroll down to "Plugins" and click [Explore]
  4. Select [API] to turn on the API token
  5. Copy the API token for use later in your link.
  6. Select [Close] of the API dialog box, then select [Done] to return to the Topic view. 



Step #2: Once the API token is setup,  create an Info Card or Directory Card in a Topic you would like (origination Topic). 

  1. Using a key word in your Info Card text or adding a link to the Directory Card, create a link to the destination Topic.
  2. Paste the copy of the API token in the link (copied in Step #1)
  3. Paste a copy of the URL for the Topic to the left of the API token
  4. Add the letters "?t=" (no quotes) after the URL and before the API token

Your link to the Topic uses the following syntax (no quotes or + symbols): 

"Topic URL" + "?t=" + "API token"

As an example, the link URL resembles the following: