How can I link between Topics?

Would you like to add a link to another Topic? Easily do this with the Info Card or Directory Card feature.

If you would like to place a link into a Directory Card or Info Card, use this the following format for the links to work properly on the Mobile App.

First, create an API Key for the Topic you would like to link to.

1. Go to the Topic

2. Select [Edit]

3. Scroll down to "Plugins" and click [Explore]

4. Select [API] to turn on the API Key, the hit the [Close] button. Select [Close] and then click [Done] to return to the Topic view. 


Once the API Key is setup, copy the Topic URL at the top of your browsers. 

Create a Directory Card in the Topic you would like. 

Enter the follow formula to insert the Topic link: 

"Topic URL" + "?t=" + "API Code"

The URL ends up as:

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.07.29 AM-1