How do I schedule a Post to publish in Studio?

backstitch makes it easy to create Posts now and schedule them to publish later!

To schedule a Post to publish, go to the "Review" screen on the Post you want to share.

  • Once you are there, select [Add Contacts]. Select where you'd like this Post to be published and close.
  • Select the purple arrow in the bottom right corner to open the Publish Post window.
    • Here you'll have the ability to to choose When you would like to publish this Post. When you choose to Publish Later you'll need to enter the day and time you'd like this Post to be published to the Topic. 

      Studio 2020-03-03 11-24-08
  • Once all the correct information has been entered, select Publish. 

You'll now be able to see when your scheduled Posts are set to Publish in your Studio Post Manager Screen. 

Studio 2020-03-03 11-58-38