How do I Change My Profile/Account Settings in backstitch Reader?

Profile/Account settings allow you to change your profile Avatar, Email Address, Display Name, Password and other helpful settings.

To get to "Account Settings" go the [Hamburger menu] on the right side of the page. Select the drop-down menu next to your name and email address then click [Profile]. This will bring you to a screen where you can edit or update all of your information!

  • Avatar from a file (*.jpg or *.png): If you update your avatar, anything you publish to backstitch Reader from backstitch Reader will use this Icon for the Posts.

Pro Tip: If you update your settings in backstitch Reader and you publish content to the app from backstitch Studio, backstitch will use your Studio display name and avatar.

  • Email Address: This can be useful if you need to update your email, which will ultimately update your login credentials.
  • Display Name: This is your name that will show up when you enter backstitch Reader. This will also show up if you Publish something from backstitch Reader.
  • Timezone: If you ever need to change your timezone, all you need to do is switch it! backstitch will update everything based on the timezone you set.
  • Password: If you ever need to change your password to get into backstitch, you always can. Just make sure you remember what it is for the next time you login!

Don't forget to click [Save Changes] once you are done to save your information.