Define “Send From” Default Settings

Want cohesive branding when publishing Posts, even though there may be multiple content creators utilizing backstitch Studio? Our “Send From” feature is perfect for you!

Download a PDF version here - Define "Send From" Default Settings


Step #1: Locating the Send From Feature

  1. In backstitch Studio, select Contact Manager from the dropdown menu on the left handside.
  2. In the left corner, select [Settings].



Step #2: Set the Default ‘Send From’ for Emails

  1. If you have not authorized the channels you utilize, do this before proceeding. To do this, send from email-1click the [Authorize] button and fill out the corresponding information.
  2. If you do not utilize Outlook or Gmail platforms for email, select [Authorize] the backstitch “Email” option.
  3. The “Send From Email” and “Send From Name” are best utilized as a generic username that represents your company. Keep in mind, this only shows when Publishing to Email.

Pro Tip: We suggest utilizing “yourcompany_Communications” - the “Reply to Email” should be an email that is checked regularly.



Step #3: Set the Default ‘Send From’ for Publishing Posts

  1. Utilize the “Send From” under Devices as a display name for publishing Posts to Devices from Studio. Example: YourCompany Communications.

This shows as the display name in the bottom right corner of your Published Posts!


2.    Select the [Browse] button to choose an image as your Avatar.  It shows to the right of                    your author name on the published Post.