Best Practices for Studio Organization

backstitch Studio offers flexibility in organizing your created and published content. Select one of the useful options below which works best for your company!

Download a PDF version here - backstitch Best Practices: Studio Organization


Option 1: Type of Content

  • Organize your company’s Studio categories by type of content. Types of content may include newsletters, benefits, open enrollment, announcements, etc. This typically works best for companies that use Studio to publish to multiple channels and create many types of communications.
  • For more efficiency, create two categories for each type of content. One is used as a ‘draft’ or ‘working’ category and the other as a ‘finalized’ category.

Keep in mind : Content Creators need to know that the type of content may not always correlate to a specific Topic in the Web App.



Option 2: Personalized Workspace

  • Categorize your content by Content Creator. This method works best for companies with many Content Creators. Each person can have their own category to work in. For more organization, make two categories for each person: one as a ‘draft’ category and the other as a ‘finalized’ category.

Keep in mind: Content Creators need to know who created what content to easily find

specific Posts. Otherwise, use the Search tool within Post Manager to find Posts.



Option 3: Departments

  • Organize categories by department. A company that has many departments with content for each may easily use this method for Studio organization. Locate Posts by browsing the department category in which it correlates. Although the use of this option  can vary, it might work best for companies with multiple contributors from different departments.

Keep in mind: Each department category may not always correlate to a specific Topic in

the Web App.



Option 4: By Topic

  • Organize your content based on the Topics created on your Web App. Some companies find it useful to organize the same way their Web App is setup. Using this option, every Post created in a category correlates to that same Topic on the Web App. This way, Content Creators locate Posts where they reside on the Web App side.

Keep in mind: Posts easily get misplaced if saved/moved to the incorrect Studio Category. This organization method may also cause confusion if content is published in multiple Topics; making it difficult to know the current category.

Pro Tip: Use the Search tool within Post Manager to find Posts. The “archive” toggle is used to display/not display those “archived” Posts.



Option 5: By Topic with Personalized Workspace

  • Utilize the “By Topic” organization, and keep the working Posts in a separate category. In Studio, the category names reflect Topics on the Web App side. However, create separate categories for each Content Creator to work in. This keeps the working content separate from the finalized/published content.
  • With this method, Content Creators create ‘drafts’ and easily locate the Posts they are working on. Once the approval process is finished, Content Creators move their Posts to the Topic in which it correlates.

Keep in mind : Content Creators need to move their Posts once finalized. Otherwise, the organization of your content may easily generate confusion.