How do I Utilize Photo Carousel?

Photo Carousel makes the most of each Post by allowing users to scroll through multiple photos!

Download a PDF version here - backstitch Studio: Utilizing Photo Carousel


Step #1: Create a new Post in backstitch Studio.

  1. In backstitch Studio, open a new Block Editor Template.
  2. Select Tools on the left sidebar.
  3. Drag & Drop Photo Carousel into the Studio Template.

step 1

Step #2: Import images to Photo Carousel

  1. Select the [Upload Image] icon to upload image from computer.
  2. Insert images in the order and orientation desired for display in Post. 
  3. Once images have been uploaded,  select [Insert] and add any additional content to your Post.


Pro Tip: Insert multiple image windows to organize image order!

Step #3: Publish Post!

  1. Select [Preview] to view and Publish your Post.
  2. Select the method in which to Publish your Post.

Pro Tip: Publishing to Email will allow your recipients to open the Post in a separate browser and click through the Photo Carousel!

  3. Publish Post!