Team Reports

Interested in how your Team is utilizing your App? Follow these instructions to generate your custom Team Report!

Download a PDF version here - backstitch Reader: Generating Team Report


Step #1: Launch “Reports” in backstitch Reader

  1. In backstitch Reader, select Organizational Admin from the Hamburger menu.
  2. Select Reports on the left sidebar.
  3. Select Team Members on left side screen.


Step #2: Select Report Details

  1. Under the Team Member Details header, select the applicable Team.
  2. Once the Team is selected, [Checkmark] each box to display the desired attribute in your report.                                     
    Note: You must click on an attribute, even though some may be preselected, in order for the [Save] button to be available for selection.
  3. When completed, select [Save] at the bottom of the page.


Step #3: Generate Report

  1. To send Report via email, select [Yes] under Report Export. Select desired Time to Send, Timezone, Day of Week, and who to send the Report to. Then, select [Save].
  2. To download a Report instantly, select [Download] in the upper right corner.

Pro Tip: For easy editing, open the Report in an Excel document!


Step #4: Format Excel Document

  1. Format fonts, column/row width, and order.
  2. Filter information by positioning cursor on top left cell (A1), select [Data], and [Filter]. This allows you to organize the data as it is most helpful for you!

Pro Tip: Generate Reports to analyze User Account usage, Users by Department, Users by Device and more!



Step #5: Understanding User Report - Key Elements

  1. Email Address: Email associated with User ID.
  2. Display Name: Name associated with User ID.
  3. Created At: Date account was created.
  4. Last Request At: Date account was last accessed.
  5. Devices: Outlines the devices that each user has accessed.
    • iPhone, Android - mobile devices (currently logged into app)
    • Web - Web application
    • App - accessed the application via mobile device