What Can I Modify With the Studio Toolbar?

Utilizing the Studio Toolbar features can improve the look and interest of your Post. Follow the steps below to enhance your Posts!

backstitch Studio Toolbar

Modify and enhance uploaded images using the Advanced Edit.

Options using the Advanced Edit

Embed Code Option for including HTML code

Insert Tables within Post

backstitch Studio Toolbar

The [Toolbar] is in a shaded rectangular box near the top of the screen. It is presented after the "Rich Text" Tool places a text box in the Post. Place the cursor in the text box to view the main [Toolbar] at the top.

Additional toolbar options (second-level Toolbar) are available by clicking on the three vertical dots on the right side of the [Toolbar].

F4 Accessing the Toolbar

Options in the main  [Toolbar] include the following: 


Code View

Code View no red



Align no red


Ordered List

ordered list no red


Unordered List

Unordered List no red


Decrease Indent

decrease indent no red


Increase Indent

increase indent no red


Font Family

Font Family Attempt-2


Font Size

Font Size no red


Text Color

Text Color no red


Background Color 

Background Color no red



bold no red



italic no red



underline no red


Insert Link 

Insert Link no red


Upload File

Upload file no red


Insert Image

Insert Image no red


Insert Video

insert video no red


Undo & Redo

Undo and Redo no red


The additional options in the second-level [Toolbar] include the following:


Inline Style

Toolbar Inline Style


Paragraph Style

Toolbar Paragraph Style dropdown


Paragraph Format

Toolbar Paragraph Format


Embed Code

Toolbar Embed Code no red


Insert Table

Toolbar Insert Table no red


Insert Horizontal Line

Insert Horizontal Line no red


Clear Formatting

Toolbar Clear Formatting no red



The Advanced Edit Feature

The Advanced Edit feature is a powerful tool within Studio that empowers you to transform and elevate your uploaded images. With this functionality, you gain the ability to modify and enhance your images to new heights of visual excellence.

Unleash your creativity by making precise edits and adjustments, seamlessly refining every aspect of your visuals. Whether it's fine-tuning colors, optimizing brightness and contrast, or perfecting intricate details, the Advanced Edit feature puts the control in your hands.

Once you've transformed your images to your satisfaction, saving them is a breeze. With a simple click, your updated image is instantly preserved and ready for immediate use within Studio. This means you can seamlessly incorporate your enhanced visuals into your creative projects without any delay or hassle.

Pro Tip: Begin with a new image when making any enhancements to it with this tool feature.  After an image has been enhanced with this tool, used in a Post, saved, and published, it is best to re-insert a new image and make any modifications to it. 

After selecting the image, review the Image toolbox options and Click the [Advanced Edit] icon:

[Advanced Edit]
Pop Up Window

Click edit with [Crop] tool

Adv Image Edit by CROP

Click edit with [Flip] tool

Adv Image Edit by Flip

Click edit with [Rotate] tool

Adv Image Edit Rotate

Click edit with [Draw] tool

Adv Image Edit by Draw

Click edit with [Shape] tool

Adv Edit Image Shape

Click edit with [Icon] tool

Adv Image Edit Icon

Click edit with [Text] tool

Adv Image Edit Text

Click edit with [Mask] tool

Adv Image Edit Mask

Click edit with [Filter] tool

Adv Image Edit Filter

The Embed Code Feature

The [Embed Code] feature allows a project created outside of Studio, for example in Canva, to be included in a Post using the unique HTML code. Use the feature to properly place the HTML code.

Note: When using an Embed Code from Canva and the design project is updated in Canva, it simultaneously updates the Studio Post and associated published Posts in Reader.

Click [Embed Code] tool:

Embed Code button enchanced toolbar

Using [Embed Code] tool to copy/paste into Studio Post:

The Insert and Edit Table Feature

The [Insert Table] feature allows you to add a table to your Post that contains content or data in rows and columns.

Click [Insert Table] tool:
 Select the Table to view the Table toolbox for editing options:
table edit

Options in the Table toolbox include the following: 

Table Header

table header


Table Footer

table footer


Remove Table

remove table



table edit row


column attempt-2


Table Style

table edit style



table cell style


Cell Background

table edit cell background


Vertical Align

table vertical align


Horizontal Align

table horizontal align


Cell Style

table edit last cell style



Using [Insert Table] tool to add table to Studio Post: