How do I Set Up Recurring Posts?

Set up recurring Posts/messages to be Published periodically.

Please note: Automation feature can be used in conjunction with Publish Recurring capability.


  • Within backstitch Studio, set up recurring Posts by clicking on the purple [Publish] icon on the Review screen of your Post.

Publish a post


  • The Publish Post dialogue box presents multiple options to choose from.

2022-06-21 Post Publish_General-1


  • First, select Publish Recurring
    • Click the switch next to Publish Recurring. Complete the field to "Publish Post Every __ Days." This option sets the number of days in between every publish date.

2022-06-21 Publ Recurring


  • If you have an automation set up, the automation runs every x amount of days.
    Please note:  When scheduling a recurring Post for every x amount of days, backstitch looks at all the conditions met since the x amount of days, including today.


  • Choose [Publish Now] to immediately publish the Post. Moving forward, the Post Publishes at the same time you published the original Post (every x amount of days set above).


  • Choose [Publish Later] to publish the Post later.
    • After that date and time is set, the recurring Post will Publish at the same time (every x amount of days set above).
    • Be sure to select both Date and Time to enable the [Publish] selection

2022-06-21 Publ Later