September Monthly Post: Wellness Program Reminders

This month, send out reminders about your company's benefits. Make sure your employees utilize their benefits before the end of the year.

We've compiled a list of common benefits companies offer as part of their wellness/benefits program. September is a great time to send out communications like this, as Open Enrollment is approaching as well as the end of the year. 

Utilize this Post as a way to communicate about the fall season! Make sure to customize it to fit your company's needs. You can add or take away any benefits that you don't have. Adjust any text that does not relate to your company as well.


💡 Ideas to use "Wellness Program Reminders"

  • Send out a push notification, email, and Publish this Post on the home page.

  • If there are certain parts of your program that you want to shed more light on, consider making an additional Post providing more details about the program. 
  • Add a Feedback Tracker to the end of the Post to allow employees to enter any questions they might have.
  • Turn on comments and encourage team members to interact with each other's comments! 

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