Creative Ways to Use QR Codes in backstitch

QR Codes are typically used for getting to websites easily and efficiently. Think about using them to promote your app! Here’s some creative ways to utilize them more often.

🌟 Strategies

Have a QR code in your email signature directing them to your internal app

Including the QR code directing your contacts to your employee app is a great way to gain exposure and remind your employees who may not have downloaded it yet, to download it. It also reminds the employees who have to take a look at it! It takes a culture of promoting and utilizing the app to make it successful. 

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Include QR codes in your graphics, headers and footers

Don’t just put the QR code in your email signature, include it in all of your graphics and promotions! Easily add it to headers of your emails or the footers in your communications. The more reminders about what is on the app, and the more they see it, the better! 

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Drive them to specific Topic areas

Outside of promoting the app itself, create QR codes for specific Topic areas! For web app only, you can grab the specific Topic link and direct users to that Topic on the mobile browser. For example, you can grab the link from your TRS Topic area and put it into a QR code. When it’s time to send out the specific communications, drive them to that Topic area. [More info on TRS can be found here.]

For example: Benefits Resources, so employees can quickly find what they need!

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Promote a specific Post 

For the web app only, you can also promote specific Posts. Do you have a critical announcement or an important policy update? Drive them to it! This gets them into the app and promotes content they want and need to see. 

For example: Prepping for open enrollment, since that is such a critical time of the year. 

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Promote the QR code in the app

Showing the QR code in your app reminds people who may only be on web to go to the mobile version. It also reminds them to share it with employees who may not have it downloaded. Especially if you have a private app, the QR code and link is the main method for downloading the app so make sure it gets a promotion frequently. 

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Overall, increasing the usage of QR codes can make it easier and simpler for your audience to get to your content. Making it simpler for them will increase the chances of them getting on the app!

Pro Tip: Many QR Code websites allow you to customize the design of your QR code. Update the colors, design; some will even let you insert a logo! Check out some of our favorites, including from bitly and Canva

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