Publishing to a Topic

Easily organize content into specific Topics by publishing Posts through Studio.


  1. Begin at the Studio Post Manager. You'll know you're there if you see a purple banner above your Posts.

    • To Publish to a Topic, click [Review] at the bottom of the Post you want to share.
      • Once you are there, select [Publish To]. This brings a pop-up menu that says  "Publish to Devices."
      • At the top right of that pop-up menu, click the dropdown menu that says Your Company Name - Members, Sources & [Topics].
      • Then select "Your Company Name Sources & [Topics]."
    • Topic names are displayed alphabetically and the "Find Contact" can be used to search for a Topic name.
      • Select which Team you want to Publish the content to by clicking on the name (notice the radial Button shows a check mark).
      • Clicking the name again, deselects it. After your selection, click [Close].
      • Lastly, select the purple [Publish] Button (bottom right corner of the screen) to Publish your Post.

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