Make Your Onboarding Process a Success

The traditional interview and onboarding process means well, but it is hugely outdated.

Your goal is simple: find skilled workers that add value to the company culture and create an environment that gets them to stay with you for the long term.

Preboard & Give Out a Welcome Package

Before the onboarding process officially begins, ensure that you begin the “preboard” process. This includes touching base with the new hire before their first day, which may mean sending out an email or having a meeting with someone in the office. Provide the option for the new hire to ask any questions they may still have about the position or any concerns that have been bothering them. This is also a great opportunity to officially welcome the new hire to the team! Connect them to the project management platform and give them access to important information. You can also send them company swag or merch!

Share Your Company Culture

Employees value more than just their paycheck. They actually care if the place they are employed at resonates with their values and morals. Employees want to work for a good organization. Ensure that you are sharing the organization’s mission statements and vision during the onboarding process and thereafter. Highlight what makes your company stand out in terms of positivity, inclusivity, and change. Be open to feedback and willing to make changes as needed.

Success Starts on Day One

The first day can make or break an employee's overall impression of a company, as well as how much they value their work. Lead with the employee's success in mind from day one, taking the time to ensure the employee has all the tools they need. Knowing where to start, especially when it comes to providing individualized options for onboarding, can be overwhelming for all levels.

Some ideas include:

Meet with The Employee after Day One. The first day can be difficult for new employees. Meeting one-on-one shows you care, but can also help you iron out future onboarding issues.

Host New Employee Q&A Sessions. Consider regularly hosting sessions where all employees, but especially new ones, are encouraged to ask questions and help out their fellow coworkers. This shows you care about employee concerns and may help to boost camaraderie.

Encourage Open Communication and Discussions. New employees add a different element to a working space. They should be encouraged to speak openly and have discussions freely. This helps to promote a safe and inclusive environment. Ensure that if issues arise, teams act swiftly or have a course of action planned. 

Welcome Feedback. Feedback can be obtained in a variety of different ways. Leadership teams can meet with departments and host discussions or surveys can be given out. Teams should utilize this feedback to make improvements to the onboarding process as needed.

Onboarding is Company-Wide

Onboarding can be a complex process. It is imperative that all departments play a role. Onboarding is not just a task for the hiring team or department lead, but for the company as a whole. Whether it means exerting more patience, lending a hand, or providing resources, your company should convey that new employees are valuable and the process to integrate them into the team is as well.


🌟 How to Streamline your Onboarding Process with backstitch

Create a Topic for new employees

Create a welcoming space in your backstitch Reader App for just potential or new employees. Easily create a Topic and house all the welcome materials so it is simple for them to find everything they need. House things like benefits guides, welcome messages, new employee resources, company information, etc. 

Feature them in your next Newsletter

Make your new hires feel extra special by featuring them in your next Newsletter. Show a little appreciation that you are happy they're here adding value to the team and it'll surely go a long way!

Create an onboarding conversation group for new hires

Turn on Conversations (in-app messaging feature) for your onboarding new hires. This way, they can connect with others that are starting their journey with your company and ask questions as needed. It always helps to give them connections within the company as soon as possible and promotes a welcoming company culture!