October Monthly Post: Support Your Emotional Wellbeing

Send out communications about emotional wellness month to encourage employees to take care of themselves.

Emotional wellness is just as important as physical wellness. Remind your employees you care about their mental wellbeing by communicating about emotional wellness month! Utilize the Post we have provided and make sure to customize it to fit your company's needs.


💡 Ideas to use "Support Your Emotional Wellbeing"

  • Send out a push notification, email, and Publish this Post on the home page.

  • Send out an emotional wellness survey in addition to this Post! Easily put together a simple survey within backstitch Studio using Polls and Feedback Trackers. This can help you gauge the wellbeing of your employees and understand where they might be in regards to wellness. 
  • Add a Feedback Tracker to the end of the Post to allow employees to enter any questions they might have.
  • Turn on comments and encourage team members to interact with each other's comments! 

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