October Monthly Post

Encourage employees to sign up for accident insurance.

As October is here some of you might still have your open enrollment coming up. Feature different benefits that your employees can select from, like accident insurance! It's a very easy thing to overlook for a lot of employees, but providing more information around this specific benefit could save them in the future. 

Encourage employees to comment and interact with one of our October Monthly Posts "How Accident Insurance Can Make a Difference"


💡 Ideas to use "How Accident Insurance Can Make a Difference"

  • Send out a push notification, email, and publish this Post on the home page and in the benefits section of your app. 

  • Have employees comment on the Post answering the question: "Have you ever need to use your accident insurance?" Do this by adding the question at the end of the Post. Make sure it is bright and bold so employees don't miss it!

  • Promote it in your open enrollment communications. Along with all of the other posts, place this Post in the open enrollment section with the other benefits you want to promote. Remember that this is only a piece of the entire benefits package, but it is important to highlight. 

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