Make Mental Health a Priority for Your Employees

This year, take initiative by providing easy access to your mental health resources for your employees.

Major transitions have happened in the workplace in recent years, leading to many employees feeling a shift in uncertainty. For the modern employee, psychological support is a basic fundamental of the workplace. As such, employers need to adapt to provide employees with the environment they deserve. Positive mental health workplace practices can help not only make your employees a priority but help them feel like they are a priority.

Promote Mental Health Awareness

To make mental health a priority for your employees, the first step is to promote awareness for mental health issues. Ensure that your team is talking openly about mental health issues with supervisors, leaders, and employees. This should be an ongoing conversation and promotes listening, as well as engagement from all levels.

  • Host monthly mental health check-ins. This could include providing information on a particular topic, explaining what may be offered in terms of employee assistance, community resources, and outlining any training that the leadership team has had.
  • Set up an anonymous portal. Many individuals that are struggling with mental health may want to seek help but would prefer to keep their anonymity for the time being. You can provide them with a safe and comfortable avenue to discuss their concerns, questions, or what they are going through by setting up an anonymous portal.

Provide Mental Health Training for Managers

To make mental health a priority, the leadership team should be well-versed in mental health, as well as what to do in a crisis situation. Emergency protocols are very different from day-to-day conflict and require training beyond conflict resolution. Managers that are well-equipped may feel more inclined to reach out to an employee or may be able to spot a situation that is concerning. Trained managers will have better communication skills and can help employees feel heard, as well as understood.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

Workplace flexibility looks different at every company. By taking mental health into account, your company may choose to offer more flexible scheduling options. This might include allotting paid mental health days, unlimited PTO, telecommuting, or hiatuses. Whichever and whatever you choose to offer, ensure that employees understand their benefits so they will be able to use them if needed.

Build a Culture of Connection

Encourage discussion on mental health topics, as well as take into account your employees’ mental health at every step in the company processes. Before enacting a new policy, software, or protocol, consider the mental health of your employees. Your employees want to be heard, as well as understood, so set up your team with the right tools to ensure that that can happen. For instance, data collection in the form of surveys, portals, and meetings can help to regularly assess your efforts.

Be Inclusive

As part of putting mental health at the forefront, consider the unique struggles that your employees face. Underserved and underrepresented communities may face different pressures, stigmas, and societal obstacles than other employees. Incorporate mental health employee support as part of your diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives.

🌟 How to make Mental Health Resources Readily Available in backstitch 

Create a Topic dedicated to the resources you offer

Create a hub for all resources that are mental health related. It's s important to make sure employees know where to go when they need it most. Keep the Topic in a visible place by adding a link or a card linking to the Mental Health Topic on your home page. You can also create a fixed icon to ensure employees have instant access at all times. 

Communicate all initiatives through backstitch

Utilize Push notifications as much as possible. Don't overwhelm your employees, but keep mental health resources top of mind by sending out messages about your latest initiatives. If there's a new EAP resource, or even if you are only sending out reminders about your current offers, it's always a good idea to keep these communications fresh in your employee's minds. 

Create Posts that contain links to your resources

Adding buttons within the backstitch Studio Post is a simple and effective way to provide quick access to your awesome resources. Learn how to add a button to any Studio Post here.

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