June Monthly Post

Send out communications about how to easily incorporate fruits and veggies into your daily diet.

Fruits and vegetables are critical to our health. As an employer, it's important to encourage healthy habits. This Post can be used and modified however you would like. It is an ideal Post to share during the summer months. 

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💡 Ideas to use "Incorporate Fruits and Veggies in Your Daily Diet"

  • Send out a push notification, email, and Publish this Post on the home page.

  • Create a survey asking employees about how often they eat their fruits and veggies. For anyone who fills out the survey, offer a chance to win a wellness gift card. 
  • Make it interactive by creating a space for employees to add their own tips and tricks. Anyone who participates can also be entered to win a wellness gift card. 
  • Encourage team members to interact with each other's comments! 

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