June Monthly Post: 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Feature wellness content on your app this summer!

The summertime is a great time to feature more wellness content on your app. 

Remind your employees about your wellness program, feature some key wellness points that would be easy for them to achieve and remind them about the prizes! 

Give them a fitness challenge with the help of one of our June Monthly Posts "30-Day Fitness Challenge"


For more customization add your wellness information in the highlighted area!

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💡 Ideas to use the 30-Day Fitness Challenge - Make a campaign out of it!

  • Send out a push notification, email and publish this Post on the home page.

  • Have employees sign up for the 30-Day Fitness Challenge and give out a chance to win some prizes for anyone who completes the challenge.

  • Create a new Team and Topic for those who sign up.

  • Publish the daily challenge each day to the new Topic.

  • Setup push notifications on the Topic so only those signed up receive the push notifications!

  • Start promoting the challenge early to spark excitement and get more sign ups.

  • Create a Conversations Group for those taking the challenge to have them discuss their time throughout the 30 days!

  • Send out encouraging messages to keep them motivated.

Need help coordinating the campaign or want ideas on the best ways for this to fit your audience? Contact your CS Manager or email support@backstitch.io to get the conversation started!