July Monthly Post: Staying Active in the Heat

Feature wellness content on your app this summer!

The summertime is a great time to feature more wellness content on your app. 

Remind your employees about your wellness program, feature some key wellness points that would be easy for them to achieve and remind them about prizes they may qualify for!

Encourage employees to comment and interact with one of our July Monthly Posts "Staying Active in the Heat"


💡 Ideas to use "Staying Active in the Heat" - Encourage interaction with your Post!

  • Send out a push notification, email and publish this Post on the home page and in the wellness section of your app. 

  • Have employees comment on the Post answering the question: "What is your favorite tip to stay cool during the summer?" 

  • Add a chance to win a prize to those who respond to the Post! You can have rules that require them to add a comment, vote for their favorite tip, or send a photo of themselves being active outdoors. Choose a prize that encourages safe outdoor activity (e.g. sunhat, sunscreen, mobile fans).

  • Publish a follow-up Post that features the best employee tips, photos, and the winner of the giveaway. 

Need help coordinating the campaign or want ideas on the best ways for this to fit your audience? Contact your CS Manager or email support@backstitch.io to get the conversation started!