Inserting Templates into a Studio Post

Use our pre-designed Templates to build beautiful content, or use your own!

  1. Create a new Post.
  2. Once your new Post is open, select the [Assets] tab on the left sidebar.
  3. Click [Templates]. If you are using a pre-designed Template, it is simple to insert it in a specific order as seen in the video below.
  4. Click on the Template you want to insert first and type in the text for each section. Customize any other features available (for example, some Templates allow you to customize colors).
    1. Note that any text within {curly brackets} can be easily customized when editing a Template.
5. lick [Insert] when ready.

      Repeat this process for any additional Templates to put together any newsletters, messages, letters or other content!

      Pro Tip: Only select [Edit Template] when you want to edit and save a particular Template to use going forward.