How to Strengthen Your Employer Brand

You want to attract the right candidates. The people that are hired significantly impact not only the quality of the work performed, but also the overall workplace culture.

 A strong employer brand is necessary for retaining talent and working on strengthening your employer brand can help to foster company growth. 

 Why is it important to focus on building and strengthening the employer brand? 

The key to retaining top talent is having an employer brand that differentiates the company from the competition. But, it is more than a tool that allows the company to show how unique it is. Rather, a strong employer brand communicates to current and potential employees that they are valued at every step. Strengthening an employer brand helps to keep employees satisfied, allows them to feel connected to their team members, and can grow the overall reputation of the company.

Create Your Approach

When it comes to employer brand strategy, you don't have your team go into it blindly. Instead, you want to create and define a strong plan. To do this, identify key players that are in charge of various important aspects surrounding this employer brand. These project leaders need to have the ability, as well as the tools, to make decisions quickly and adapt to changing scenarios. If those that have the power to make decisions that could drastically affect operations or company culture do not have the proper tools, everyone in the company will soon suffer as a result.

Make backstitch an integral part of strengthening your employer brand. Key players should have access to Studio so they can efficiently communicate messages to multiple channels, including your employee app.

Build a Strong Company Culture

Those searching for a job opportunity often look to the company culture as their final decision-maker. Think of the company culture as the combination of all interactions within a company. Company culture includes direct conversations between team members, accountability, transparency, and values. Those looking for a job are looking for more than just a job; they are looking for a community. You want to ensure that you are providing a means for not only connection but also belonging. The values and goals of the company should be clearly outlined, as well as conveyed tastefully across online channels. Candidates that do a search of the company should have an idea of the company culture before going through the hiring process.

Pro tip: Allow potential employees special access to your backstitch app to get a better feel for your company culture.

Listen to Metrics

A plan surrounding strengthening the employer brand should be fluid and allow for flexibility. Metrics, such as candidate experience, quality of candidates, and employee retention should be gathered consistently. These metrics should be utilized to influence your strategy, allowing the team to make adjustments as needed. Use these metrics to detect early where there are areas in need of improvement.

Focus on Employee Advocacy

At the heart of any company are its employees. Employees require opportunities to not only become engaged within the company but also feel like their voices are heard. Allowing employees unique experiences that allow them to directly shape the brand with their feedback, as well as their ideas, can help to strengthen an employer brand. Employee participation at all levels is the key to the overall evolution of a company. 

Pro tip: Encourage the use of comments and polls in your Posts to drive engagement. 

🌟 Strategies in backstitch

Create a place for communicating values

As you start evaluating your employer brand, create a Topic for these types of communications and messages. When you have new updates or announcements, turn on push notifications to make sure all your employees receive these updates.

Highlight employee’s successes

Your employees are at the center of your culture. Not only does highlighting their successes make them feel valued, but it also shows current and potential employees that you care about them.

Create a public Topic for potential employees

A public Topic can be a great recruitment tool. Communicate what your company really stands for and show how important your core values are. Plus, add more details that prove these values. For example, if one of your company's core values is service, show pictures from volunteer events you've taken part in. This is a simple way to utilize the things you already do and show the public what a strong employer brand you have. 

Contact your account manager to help get something like this set up.

Host quarterly events

Hosting events can easily improve the culture of your company by making employees feel more connected to one another. Have the details of each event on the home page, or send out push notifications to increase visibility. 

After the event, have employees publish their photos to the app by utilizing the vanity emails.