How do I View Analytics (e.g. Reports) on an Individual Post?

Click [Review] on any Post to view the analytics or the "Reports".

To find specific Post analytics, go to your Posts and click [Review] on the Post you want to view.


This brings you to a screen where you can click [Reports] to view the analytics about the Post. 

23 Reports & Metrics

This is where you can look at Click-throughs, Impressions and engagement analytics. If a poll or a Feedback Tracker was made on the Post this is where you can see the results in real time.
Click on [Details] to see the results

updated detail circle

This is where you can see Impressions by recipient or channel.

This is where you can see Click-throughs by link, recipient or channel.

Note: If you want to view analytics on a certain version of your Post, select the Post date at the bottom of the banner to the right of [Draft].

To download Metrics within Post Analytics, go to your Posts and click [Review] on the Post you want to view.

  1. Click [Reports] on the sidebar menu
  2. Click [Download Metrics]
  3. Enter recipient email *required
  4. Select checkboxes corresponding to data that should be downloaded
  5. Click [Download Post Metrics]

KB click download metrics

Once a report is generated, you will receive a prompt to open the report in Studio as well as an email to download the report.

KB download metrics2-1

The data file will download with the same name as the post.


The User_ID is 1 in the sample file. It....

The Identifier is 022668 in the sample file. That number is the Unique Identifier that individual employees use to access the environment.

Open_Count represents the number of times a user enters the post.

Click_Count represents the number of times an employee clicks their mouse within a post. This could be to download a file, link to an external website, answer a poll, or select a button.