Creating Posts in Reader

If you need to upload a PDF, or post a quick image, there's no need to go through backstitch Studio. This can easily be done in backstitch Reader.

  • If you are anywhere in backstitch Reader, there is a [Plus] icon at the top right next to the [Hamburger Menu]. Click on the [Plus] then select [Write a New Post]
  • Select the Source you want to Publish your content to. Keep in mind any Topic the Source is connected to will show up in that Topic.
  • Choose between the following options:
    • Link
    • Image
    • Text
    • Video
    • PDF
    • Perk
  • Once you select those options, click [Create] and create your Post based on the content you chose.

Pro Tip: To share the PDF Post, open up the Post and copy the URL at the top.