February 2024 Sample Content - Fostering Heart Health: Strategies to Energize Your Team's Well-being

Now that we’re one month into the new year, perhaps it’s a good time to revisit those new year’s resolutions. Have you kept up with yours?

By integrating heart health into the company culture, you can help increase the overall well-being of your employees and yourself! It’s not too late to restart your new year’s resolution, and with these four tips, you’re sure to succeed!

💡 Ideas to use "Fostering Hearth Health: Strategies to Energize Your Team's Well-being"  

  • Publish the Post to your Wellness page, and make sure to send a push notification!
  • Launch heart-healthy challenges within your app, encouraging employees to engage in activities like walking, preparing nutritious meals, and sharing their achievements by commenting on the Post!
  • Highlight the Post in your next newsletter.