Embedding a Poll into a Post

Select [Poll] under the Tools tab when adding to a new Post.

  1. When creating a Post, click the [Tools] Button on the left sidebar. From there, select [Poll Builder] to embed a custom poll.
  2. Type in your question, responses and select what color you would like the buttons to be before clicking [Insert].
  3. Choose from an array of colors or your preloaded theme colors. To find out more about where to find and change colors click here.

Pro Tips:

  1. If you add another survey question, place your cursor outside of the current question. If not, the question will embed within the first question and skew the analytics.
  2. The use of some special characters may result in Posts with Polls not publishing to the application.
    1. Safe Characters:
      Alphanumeric characters: 0-9 a-z A-Z
      Safe characters: ! - _ . * ' ( )
    2. Special Characters that should be avoided: 
      & @ : , $ = + ? ;
      Long sequences of spaces
      \ ^ ` > < { } [ ] # % ~ |
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Note: If you plan on making edits to your survey questions, do this before you save your Post.