Digitizing Employee Resources

As an employer, promoting all of your employee resources is just as important as promoting your medical, dental, and vision benefits.

If you have significant employee resources including wellness benefits, mental health resources, retirement match, career development, tuition reimbursement, dependent care, etc, make sure to highlight and promote these ancillary benefits.  


If your company offers a dynamic wellness program with rewards, highlight them in backstitch Reader! Make a Topic dedicated to your wellness program, and highlight the offers every week. Remind employees of the rewards in which they qualify and steps to achieve them. You can even up the stakes by doing extra challenges and providing extra rewards they can earn.

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Mental Health 

Your employees may not know about the mental health resources you are providing, so dedicate a section that clearly explains what you offer! Sometimes, benefits guides can be overwhelming with lots of information. Add clarity by highlighting key takeaways for them. Provide coverage examples like free therapy sessions, financial advice, a stipend for mental health, etc. Especially when it comes to your EAP, frequent promotion significantly helps bring about awareness.

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Promote your retirement match program as often as you can! Expand on the benefits of financial planning for retirement. Especially when an employer match is available, let your employees know of the value you are providing (free money) to their retirement investments. 

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Tuition Reimbursement

Do you offer tuition reimbursement or a career development path? If so, share the investment you are making and be sure it is known! When employees advance their skills, it benefits their team and the company as a whole. It shows your loyalty and support. Promote the tuition reimbursement and provide clarity on your offer.

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Family Benefits

If you offer any type of paid parental leave, family care options, generous bereavement, and other types of family support make sure it is highlighted and well known. Many employees pay attention to what types of family benefits are offered and it can play a sizable role in recruitment and retention. Add a Post to your Topics or TRS to promote the important family benefits provided.

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