Deleting Posts in Reader

Delete a Post by going through your Admin Dashboard!

  • Anywhere within backstitch Reader, click on the [Hamburger Menu].
  • Then select the drop-down menu next to your name and choose "Your Company Name" or Organizational Dashboard.
  • Once you are at the Admin Dashboard, go to [Internal Sources]. Remember this is ultimately where your content resides.
  • Find and click on the Source your Post is located in (first section under "Sources").
  • Scroll down below "Sources" to find the "Posts" section. The list of Posts are associated to the Source you selected.
  • Identify the Post title you want to delete. Click on the delete option [X] to the right of the Post title, and your Post will be deleted.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are deleting the actual Post and not the Source. The Post shows date/time and Post title to the left of the delete [X] option. Selecting the option deletes the Post immediately (no confirmation Dialog Box).