Creating Teams for Push Notifications

Interested in allowing employees to “Opt-In” to receiving Push Notifications when you Publish to a certain Topic? Follow these steps!

Download a PDF version here - backstitch: Create Team for Push Notifications


Step #1: Set up the Team in backstitch Reader.

  1. In backstitch Reader, open the Organization Dashboard.
  2. Select Team Members on the left sidebar.
  3. Under Teams, click the [Add Team] Button.
  4. Name the Team then select Create.
  5. Add yourself to that new Team by selecting the Team and using the [Add Member] Button.


Step #2: In backstitch Studio, create the Contact Group

  1. Open a new tab, and login to backstitch Studio.
  2. Open up the Contact Manager from the drop-down menu.
  3. From the drop-down menu on the left side, select Devices, then Email.
  4. In the lower right corner, highlight the blue circle [Add Contact] icon, then select the orange circle [Create Group] icon. Name the group, share with the appropriate Teams and select [Create] to add the new Contact Group.


Step #3: Copy and Paste the Subscribe/Unsubscribe links

  1. Edit the settings for the newly created Contact Group.  Below the blue header banner, use the drop-down arrows to select Email and the Contact Group name (to the right of Email).
  2. Select [Edit Group] then Show Advanced Settings.
  3. Copy the Subscribe/Unsubscribe links to utilize in Studio Post.
  4. Exit the Advanced Settings page and proceed to your Studio Topic page.


Step #4: Create and Publish a Studio Post to promote subscribing to receive Push Notifications

  1. Create a Post.
  2. Paste the Subscribe/Unsubscribe links.

Pro Tip: links can be displayed or added to a Button!

  3. Publish your Post to the Topic! Publishing the Post to your contacts allows users to sign up for Push Notifications when content is published for this Topic (subscribe link).

Note: Subscribers can also “unsubscribe” from Push Notifications (unsubscribe link).


Step #5: Users sign up!

      1. Users enter Name and Email Address that is associated with their App account.
      2. After a successful ‘sign up’, the users are automatically added to the Contact Group created in Step #2.


Step #6: Move new contacts into Notification Team

      1. Prior to future Posts, and after your contacts have had a chance to sign up for notifications, you need to move contacts to the Notification Team.
      2. In Studio, open up the Contact Manager from the drop-down menu.
      3. From the drop-down menu on the left side, select Devices, then Email.
      4. Select [Edit Group] then Show Advanced Settings.
      5. In the Select Team drop-down menu, choose the appropriate Team.
      6. This step needs to be repeated periodically to capture new contacts as they subscribe.

Step #7: Publish Future Posts to Topic with a Push Notification to Subscribers

      1. In addition to publishing a Post to a Topic, you can alert specific users (i.e. the subscribers) about the recently added content in the Topic.
      2. Within Studio, select [Review] of your created Post and select [Add Contacts].
      3. Select Devices. Use the drop-down menu to select the Team category.
      4. This will populate all Teams you have available, then select your Notification Team.
      5. Publish the Post for subscribers to receive their Push Notification!