Creating a Button with a Link

Whether you are creating a call-to-action or linking to another page, a Button can be an easy, user-friendly way to present the option

Begin at the Studio Post Manager and create a new Post or edit an existing Post. Once you are in your Post:

  • Review the left sidebar, select [Tools] and then click [Button].
    • This will bring up an array of options including:
      • Fields for Button text
      • Web or Email Address link
      • Background Color
      • Text Color
      • Border Color
      • Border Size.
  • First fill out the field for the Button text. Then copy the link you want the Button to lead to, and paste it into the [Web or Email Address] field.
  • Lastly, select the colors for Background Color, Text Color, Border Color and Border Size.
  • Click [Insert] to insert the the button.

Make Button