Changing the Main Image

Change the Main Image when Publishing a Post in Studio

If you'd like to change the thumbnail - or Main Image - that readers see when viewing your Post in Reader, easily change the Main Image when Publishing the Post in Studio

  1. From the Post Editor, go to the left sidebar and click on [Assets].
  2. Add an image to complement your Post
  3. Click the orange [Check Button] in the bottom right corner when Post is ready to Publish 
  4. Under the [Recipients] tab, click [Add contacts] and choose who will receive the post
  5. Click the purple [Send Button] to Publish the Post
  6. In the “Publish Post” pop-up, click the purple [Edit Button] to change the Main Image of your post
    Note: The default Main Image will be the first photo inserted into your Post
  7. Choose a new photo from a file or your desktop
  8. Click [Publish]
  9. Enter notification text if desired, then click [Publish] again to send Post 

Pro Tip: When in the Publish Post pop-up, you can also change the Title of the Post by Clicking into the title area and typing


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